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Behaviour Expectations and Rewards

We are proud of the outstanding behaviour demonstrated by the children at Strand Infants. We believe in provision of a high quality curriculum, with exciting and engaging activities combined with high expectations for learning and behaviour at all times. We encourage all adults and children to use positive language and manners, demonstrating respect and trusting relationships. Our Behaviour Policy is followed calmly, positively and consistently by all staff. Parents and carers work in partnership with the school, celebrating good news about behaviour and working through any challenges together.

We ask the children to follow a set of simple school rules that we call the ‘Golden Rules’. These are known by all the children in the school;

We are gentle

We are kind and helpful

We listen

We are honest

We work hard

We look after property

We offer a variety of positive reward systems which all support children in following the Golden Rules;

Golden Tickets KS1 children collect Golden tickets for following the school rules. These are awarded to individuals towards a class collection. The class in each year group with the highest total wins a community treat – something that is fun and benefits people in our community. For example, washing the teachers’ cars or making and delivering New Year Cards to the local parade of shops.

Respect Certificates These are given to individuals by the Headteacher or Deputy Headteachers for extra special respect.

Spotty Table Lunch Children can eat lunch with the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher as a reward.

Weekly Superstar awards (R), Star Awards (KS1) for achievement or behaviour.

Weekly Walking Trophy for the class that is the smartest at walking around the school.

Weekly Tidy Coat Trophy for the class with the tidiest peg area.

Weekly Attendance cup for the class with the highest attendance.

Termly 100% Attendance Certificates for individuals.

Class based rewards eg marble jars or sticker charts.

Individual reward systems for children who need additional support

Sometimes children may need a consequence in the event of poor behaviour. This may be a simple reminder or warning, a short spell on a ‘thinking’ chair or a visit to another classroom. In rare circumstances children may miss playtime or a treat. On occasion they may need to visit the Deputy Headteachers or the Headteacher. In these more serious circumstances (and in the case of bullying or a racist incident) parents/carers are fully involved in any consequence or pastoral care that is required. 


Our Statement of Principles to promote good behaviour

At Strand on the Green Infants and Nursery School, we aim to create a harmonious and happy atmosphere within which each child can maximise their potential and develop their independence, aspirations and self-esteem.

Governors are required by law to provide a statement of principles promoting good behaviour.  Our School Behaviour Principles have been developed and agreed by the Governing Body and take into account the relevant statutory guidance and related legislation.  They underpin our Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policies, which set out in detail the roles, responsibilities and practice in these areas. We expect our pupils, parents, staff and governors to cooperate fully in their implementation.

All adults should demonstrate genuine care and respect for every child, modelling the quality of relationships and standards of behaviour they expect from the children.

Through the schools use of its Behaviour Policy, sanctions for poor behaviour will ensure that at all times other children’s safety and learning is safeguarded. 


Behaviour Principles

To promote a positive and imaginative attitude to learning by providing a stimulating and challenging curriculum where each child’s achievement is valued

To ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of all by following consistent and shared behaviour management techniques so that expectations and boundaries are clearly understood

To ensure a fair, honest and consistent treatment for all our community

To take into account the specific needs of individual children, including vulnerable pupils, thereby supporting the School’s commitment to improving outcomes for all

To promote integrity and equality of opportunity throughout the School

To reward and praise wherever possible

To uphold our commitment to appropriate behaviours

To encourage the children to respect each other and to have respect for the rights of others and for the school environment, and to take responsibility for their own behaviour.