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Our curriculum takes into account that each pupil is an individual with a mixture of talents and needs. Through our curriculum we aim to nurture and develop this potential for each individual.

Our school affords high priority to numeracy, literacy and the ability of pupils to express themselves fluently and confidently. In all subject areas, recognition is given to the importance of first-hand experience and practical tasks in the acquisition and application of knowledge and skills. As a school we are not committed to any one approach to teaching and learning but to using a range of techniques in order to achieve our mission. Our children are active learners and everyone is challenged or supported to engage with the curriculum.



We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum but have tailored this to suit the children living in our community and to reflect our local environment. For example, visiting local places of worship and learning through outings to the Gunnesbury Museum and Kew Gardens. These visits are all integral to our curriculum. Some of our visits such as the Science Museum, The National Gallery and West Wittering are further afield. Teachers make learning relevant and exciting, for example there is always a purpose given to Writing. Outdoor learning is valued as much as indoor learning; Nursery and Reception work in outdoor learning areas and all children have the opportunity to learn through a ‘Forest Schools Programme’ and learn social and physical skills at playtime and lunchtimes.



By making sure lessons are fun and engaging, we aim to foster a 'love of learning' so that children approach their tasks with enthusiasm and confidence. Teachers' expectations of what each child is capable of achieving are very high and learning is structured, relevant and stimulating to meet the needs of each child. At the same time, pupils are encouraged to set their own high standards and to learn to appreciate success. Children are encouraged to be independent and are offered a variety of child initiated learning as well as teacher directed tasks.



Whilst expectations are high for basic skills of Reading, Writing, Mathematics our commitment to developing children spiritually, morally, socially, culturally is at the heart of everything we do. Our Golden Rules and reward systems include half termly ‘community treats’ that benefit other people eg a class visiting a home for the elderly. National events that help children to develop a sense of Britishness are marked. For example all children learn about national events like Remembrance Day, Guy Fawkes or the Olympics as they happen. We enthusiastically use major world faith festivals as part of our RE Curriculum and also visiting faith leaders. We support a variety of charities with children fully involved; we have an annual visit from the RNLI (by boat), an annual School Council visit to the Poppy Factory and collect food for the homeless at Harvest.

Each week parents receive information about the curriculum to be covered. This helps parents/carers to be fully involved with their child’s learning and to support at home.