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Art and Design

Art, craft and design is planned to engage and inspire our pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works. We give children opportunities to explore their own ideas and be creative with a wide range of media and art form. This includes supporting children to be proficient in drawing and painting through teaching skills such as colour mixing. Children experience a variety of mark making forms such as chalk, charcoal, pastels, crayons, pencils, felt pens and different types of paint. Children are also encouraged to collage with a wide range of materials while sculpture and building up three dimensional art forms is also a strong part of our curriculum.  We teach children to sew in KS1 and children and parents delight in what they can produce. As much as possible we link art to nature: hunting for leaves, seeds and natural materials to use in creative work. Outdoor art on a large scale is often used in the Early Years. In Nursery and Reception art and design materials are available during all child initiated time and skills are taught in directed group/ class time. In KS1 art skills are taught discretely as part of cross curricular topic work.

Creative works by great artists, craft makers and designers are enjoyed by the children and we support and guide them into some early critical thinking around art.  During their time at Strand we invite local artists or talented parents to come and work with the children. We have worked on some great collaborative Art as a school such as our mosaic outside the Nursery entrance (led by local artist Sue Edkins).

One of our favourite creative weeks of the year is MADD (Music, Art, Dance and Drama) week when every year group engages the children in producing and often performing their creative works. We often use the talents of current teaching staff, parents or children to help us design the content of the week each year.

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