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Our Geography curriculum aims to inspire a real sense of curiosity in finding out about the world and the people who live there. We focus on developing children's core knowledge in geography, particularly their sense of place and geography-specific vocabulary. This starts with understanding and exploring our unique immediate locality including the River Thames and Kew and builds to nationwide and global scales. Children learn how to read maps and create their own in progressively more sophisticated ways; they learn about the weather and seasonal change and we explore extreme weather. Skills such as understanding directional language, interpreting aerial photographs and the development of observational skills during fieldwork are carefully planned by the school to ensure progress and more complex levels of learning each time they are encountered.  Geography is often taught in a cross curricular way, for example using high quality children’s books as a launch into the exploration of the geography of another country or area of the world.

Educational visits form an important part of our Geography curriculum. Every year Reception and Year 1 children visit the River Thames beach; we learn about our local bridges; in Year 2 we enjoy a visit to the seaside in West Wittering, Sussex to learn about the coast with The National Trust. The whole school celebrates Geography and Cultural Week in the summer which allows classes to study a different country in the world and compare it to England; this week then culminates in our wonderful annual Dance Event attended by parents.

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