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We inspire children’s curiosity to learn about the past and give them an early understanding of local, national and international history. We take a skills based approach, helping children to ask questions, find out information and think critically. Children begin to see how parts of history fit within a chronological framework. In the Early Years children explore changes in their own lives and the environment. In KS1 children focus on significant events such as The Great Fire of London and Sir Christopher Wren’s role afterwards.  We explore the part played by animals in the space race before learning about the achievements of Neil Armstrong and his moon landing. 

History is brought to life through educational visits: children meet ‘Mary Seacole’ in a workshop and ask her about her life; we find out about Toys from the past with the help of primary resources from Kingston Museum. We also invite older members of our local community to come to our school and talk about events, for example, World War II.  We make cross curricular links whenever possible so for example Y2 children visit Chiswick Fire Station as part of their learning linked to The Great Fire of London.

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