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We believe that Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. We provide the early foundations that engage and inspire children to develop a love of Music and talent as Musicians. 

Children learn to perform, listen to, review and evaluate Music across a wide range of genres and traditions. Our whole school community looks forward to our annual Cultural Dance event when we get to enjoy and learning dances to a wide range of Music from different cultures. Progression in Music skills is monitored: through their time at Strand they begin to understand pitch, tempo, structure and some early musical notation. Talented parents visit us to play their instruments: we take every opportunity we find for children to enjoy live performances, for example visits from the Junior School Djembe drumming band during assembly.  Music is taught weekly both as a discrete subject and across the curriculum: it is a great vehicle for embedding knowledge (so our children know the names of the Continents and their Number Bonds because we learn this as songs). In all year groups children have free access to instruments during child initiated learning time.

We are a keen ‘singing’ school and have a popular and talented choir which meets every week at lunchtime. Showing great enthusiasm, teachers sing to the children every half term in assembly.  Our popular weekly singing Assembly is a chance for children to come together and perform.



Families can pay for additional individual music tuition through Pelican Music. Individual lessons take place within the school day and children can choose from a range of instruments including the violin, cello, piano, flute and guitar. Please visit the Pelican Music website for further information:

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