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Special Provisions - Able Pupils, SEN & EAL

Able Pupils

All children are supported or challenged to reach their potential at Strand Infants. Whilst planning and delivering lessons teachers consider how to stretch children who are particularly able in the core curriculum areas such as Reading, Writing or Mathematics or those who may have a talent in Music, Sport or Art. This may be by extending curriculum knowledge or skills but also by broadening and deepening children’s understanding. Differentiation is always considered so that all children will move on in their learning. Teachers aim to offer experiences that allow all children to use their higher order thinking skills such as explaining, analyzing or creating. We use flexible groupings across Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 so that able pupils can sometimes work as a group in their area of strength.

Teachers meet regularly with Senior Leaders to discuss pupil progress for their class. Children are tracked carefully for progress as well as achievement. So even if a child entered the school on a high baseline they must keep building on this and demonstrate exceptional progress year on year.


Special Educational Needs Provision

We consider children as individuals at Strand-on-the-Green and we work very hard to ensure that every child makes progress, making reasonable adjustment or additional provision to meet any additional need. Teachers, teaching assistants and learning support assistants work closely with the SENCO (Special Educational Needs co-ordinator) in providing for individuals or groups of individuals with special educational need or disability. 

Children may be considered to be ‘SEN School’ if they make progress through additional class or school based differentiation or activity eg additional reading support. These are likely to be small group ‘catch up’ sessions and when appropriate children may be also flexibly grouped across the year group for Maths or Writing so that less able children receive a greater degree of support. Some children will not make expected progress through school intervention alone and these children are considered ‘SEN Support'’ and will be supported by professionals from our Hounslow Early Intervention Team (this includes Family Support workers, Learning and Behaviour Support Teachers, EP, team for supporting visual and hearing, physically impaired children). Parents/ carers are fully involved in these referral processes and work closely with the school and professionals so that their children make good progress.

We employ a part time Speech and Language therapist as well as being in close liaison with Speech and Language Services in Hounslow. We are also able to access Play and Art therapy through our partnership with Roehampton University.

If you think your child may have an additional need or difficulty please communicate this to the school during the application process so we can plan appropriately for your child on arrival.


English as an Additional Language (EAL) Support

We provide additional support for children who do not have English as their first language. Class teachers differentiate teaching and learning accordingly to enable EAL children to make best progress. We also have two part time specialist teachers who teach across the school to accelerate children’s reading and writing skills. Every half term families are invited into school to read stories in their home language to children with English as an additional language.