Strand on the Green Infant and Nursery SchoolCherish and Inspire Every Child

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Meet the Staff

 Head of Centre

Becky Essex (Maternity leave)

Vanessa Townsend (Maternity cover)

River Class

Jennie Crone (Class Teacher - maternity cover)

Laura Grimmond (Learning Support Assistant)

Bonita Garlick (Learning Support Assistant)

Lucia Reynolds (Learning Support Assistant)

Otter Class

Krista Fiscalini (Class Teacher)

Laura West (Class Teacher - maternity leave)

Seneit Tesfay (Learning Support Assistant)

Tahlia Obardo (Learning Support Assistant)

Kingfisher Class

Sam Coppus Croggan (Class Teacher - Maternity leave)

Liliana Suerez (Class Teacher - Maternity cover)

Kate Comer (Learning Support Assistant)

Kiera Bent (Learning Support Assistant) 

Vida Alympic (Learning Support Assistant)

Polly Atkinson (Learning Support Assistant)