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Parent Views
'Firstly teachers are fantastic, thank you. I have seen a big change in X's behaviour he loves coming to school i am very grateful for everything you have done.'
'Lovely school with amazing staff. My son is very happy at school.'
'Wonderful teachers and very helpful. I am very pleased with the welcoming atmosphere it's friendly warm and welcoming.'
'The communication is excellent and i feel that my sons needs are being met. I think that parents are included in all aspects of their childs education and there appears to be an open door policy so i feel comfortable contacting if it is neccessary.'
'I feel fully supported by the school and any challenges that arise regarding X's progress are always discussed with me in a positive way. In the last year X has made so much progress because of everyones hard work, we really appreciate all the support we are given.'
'Social development is at the forefront of education in the Swan Centre and the fact that all children appear so happy and supportive of each other is such an amazing thing to see and again reflects the dedication of all those involved in their education.'