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What is TEACCH

In the Swan Centre we follow the TEACCH approach which addresses physical and visual structure.

Physical Structure: This approach focuses on setting up the classroom to provide a clear physical structure which enables the learner to make better sense of their environment and to support their understanding.  Physical structure can help to minimise distractions, define activities and expectations to enable the learner to anticipate and engage.

 Visual Structure: Each class has a time table to make it clear to the learner what is happening throughout the day. Each pupil also has their own individual schedule. This helps to provide structure to the day, reduce stress by making it clear what is to happen throughout the day, and improve understanding.

In the Swan Centre we also focus on developing independence. We have special tables designated for independent work, which helps to set the expectation that this is where pupils work by themselves. The pupils complete simple activities and work to a familiar system.