Nursery chick

We put physical and mental well-being at the heart of what we do in our school; for staff, children and families.

Children and adults with a high quality relational and emotional health will be able to work and learn more effectively; able to collaborate and understand others and meet life’s challenges with resilience and positivity.

We consider our school to be a trauma informed school; we understand that children may suffer one or more adverse child hood experiences and if they are not given the right nurture and support early in life, they may experience barriers to learning and go on to develop mental and physical ill-health. This could include children who have experienced separation from one or more parent, bereavement or have witnessed domestic abuse or other problems within families. Sometimes children will present as anxious or unhappy without an obvious cause.

Our Family Support and Nurture Leader, Sue Perryman, and other key staff have capacity to support individuals and families with advice and intervention within school. Please contact the school office to talk to Sue or a member of our therapeutic team.

All staff in school are given regular training in safeguarding and how to promote mental health and well-being for children. We work in partnership with a well-being consultancy, Heartfelt Teaching, in a whole school approach to well-being, adopting reflective practice and building strong relationships and understanding.