Swan water
Integration with Mainstream

Our children in the Swan Centre benefit from integration with mainstream pupils, supporting them to socialise with others, feel comfortable in a larger scale setting and allow access to other opportunities and areas within the mainstream school.

We take a bespoke and tailored approach to integration and the amount of time spent in mainstream varies by child, by year group and by the time of year.

Children will join in whole school events like our annual Cultural Dance event, Eid Breakfast and Christmas shows. They join mainstream for lunchtimes, some play times and Assemblies where appropriate.

All of our mainstream staff are trained in supporting children with autism and children may integrate with support from Centre staff or more independently.

Our Swan children benefit from regular specialist teaching from our mainstream providers including Forest School sessions, Street dance, Tennis and Football sessions.

Children in the Swan Centre enjoy learning in many areas of the school including mainstream classrooms, outdoor learning areas, the PE hall, the playground, the Forest, the Meadow and the Pond.