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Early Years

Our Nursery and our Reception classes follow the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework, supported by the non-statutory Development Matters. The EYFS educational programmes provide us with the curriculum framework which is then built upon further to decide the wider learning content  that best fits the interests and needs of our children. The curriculum is sequential, taking small steps and then broadening and deepening learning across a wide range of experiences.

Language development within a language rich environment is at the absolute heart of our curriculum with indoor and outdoor learning environments being carefully planned to stimulate and enable conversation. Children learn through play and careful modelling from adults and they develop problem solving skills in response to bouncing back from challenges. Where possible our children are given the opportunity to learn through first hand experiences, such as growing their own herbs to utilise in real and imaginary cooking scenarios, and exploring life cycles through real chicks and ducks hatching in their classrooms.

Children receive feedback whilst they learn as practitioners praise what went well, share why they were successful and comment on what they could improve. Their 'in school' learning journey is shared with parents and carers through a mixture of video, photos and written information using the Google learning platform 'Seesaw'. Parents are encouraged to add to this by also uploading and sharing experiences and learning successes from home.

Early Years Ethos at Strand

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Parent Guide - What to Expect in the EYFS

EYFS Curriculum at Strand on the Green Infant and Nursery School

RE in the EYFS

Religious Education is statutory for all pupils registered on the school role. While it is not statutory in Nursery, we very much see its value in the educational experience of our children and follow the recommendations in the Hounslow Borough RE syllabus, Widening Horizons. Religious education in the EYFS makes particularly important contributions to the following areas of learning and development in the EYFS curriculum: PSED, CLL, UtW and EAD. Exploring Religious Education through the EYFS will give children the chance to reflect on their own thoughts and experiences and to be curious about the word in which they live.