Grass 2
Parental Views

As a school, we are always keen to hear feedback from our parents, via regular questionnaires and conversations. It helps us to know what we are doing well and also ways we can continue to improve.

This is what our community say about our school; 

  • “Thank you for your hard work and dedication and ambition for our children. You are wonderful”.
  • “Thank you so much for all your hard work and commitment. SOTG Infants really does excel and go above and beyond. Compared to other schools you are really amazing and I couldn’t ask for more. If your child is happy then as a parent/carer you feel happy also”.
  • “Teachers are full of energy and notice the small things about my daughter that makes her unique. Thank you all”.
  • “My son is very happy to go to school. He absolutely loves all teachers and all friends from his class. Since starting he has improved his language, behaviour and he gets the support he needs. We love SOTG. Thank you”.
  • “We feel the school is doing a great job with X and she has come a very long way.
    We couldn’t be more proud as parents and thank the teachers for their contribution with X”.
  • “Thank you for the amazing job you all do at Strand Infants”
  • “We couldn't be happier with everything you do - thank you!”
  • “Teaching staff are consistently friendly, supportive & encouraging. They know my children well”.
  • “Assembly was totally adorable! So amazed with what they could all do!”
  • "Very impressed with Strand's ultra-focus on reading as essential school/learning skill"
  • "Our daughter is starting to show signs of reading for pleasure. This is such a great thing to see.
    She loves her guided reading sessions at school."
  • "Overall - excellent. We love the support for the children's character development - more of this please"
  • "I feel my child is supported for his emotional wellbeing and staff are mindful and sensitive to his needs"
  • "The teachers, assistant teachers - all staff - exude such kindness that it filters through to the very core of the children. I'm sure they feel it. The consistency of topics each year really gives the children a feel of something to look forward to."

Analysis and response to our most recent parent questionnaires;

Whole School Parent Questionnaire Analysis Autumn 23

Year 2 Parent Questionnaire Analysis Summer 2023

Whole School Parent Questionnaire Analysis Spring 2023