Children are encouraged to explore, discuss, accept and further their own understanding of the rich and diverse faiths followed by the citizens of the wider world.

Religious education at Strand makes a unique contribution to spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development and supports wider community cohesion.

We follow Hounslow’s agreed syllabus for RE, Widening Horizons. We aim for children to learn about and learn from religious and spiritual insights, beliefs and practices.

Children develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other major world faiths including Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism as well as the tradition of Humanism. We help children develop a sense of their own identity and foster a respect and sensitivity to those following different faiths.

We take a creative approach to learning RE and it is often taught making cross curricular links to English, art and music.

We use the timings and opportunities of major world faith festivals to support our teaching on worship and celebration including festivals such as Christmas, Diwali, Eid. Children learn about rites of passage, stories, writings, language and symbolism either in class, Assemblies or from visiting faith leaders or parent guests to class. 


View our curriculum overview for RE here;

KS1 RE Curriculum Overview