Key Stage 1


We believe that high-quality physical education is vital to children’s learning and development across physical, social, emotional, and cognitive domains.

Furthermore, we believe that when physical education is taught effectively, that they create a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle. We believe that physical education, experienced in a safe, engaging, and supportive environment, is a significant factor in developing our children’s confidence and academic ability.  

As a school, we are fully committed to teaching a rigorous PE curriculum that focuses upon a developmental, inclusive, and safe approach, where children’s acquisition of fundamental movement skills is of high priority.

We deliver a wide range of physical activities taught by highly skilled professionals, with the aim of engaging and inspiring all of our children. We are committed to providing pupils with the opportunity to be physically active for a prolonged period - at least two hours of well-planned, high-quality physical education every week.

During the year every pupil receives a wide range of lessons encompassing games, athletics, gymnastics, outdoor education and dance lessons plus an annual Sports Day held on the sports ground at Chiswick High School.

Other annual initiatives to nurture healthy lifestyles include skipping workshops, a healthy breakfast for those who bike or scoot to school on Bike Breakfast Day; Scoot to School day with challenges and safety advice from scoot-skate professionals; our Daily Mile run around the playground (in all weathers) plus a weekly ‘Wake Up Shake Up’ exercise session before school.

At Strand we strive to offer as many extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities for the children. We offer football, Street Dance, Ballet, Gymnastics, Sports Games and Cheerleading. We aspire to cultivate their personal talents and interests and so they can access a culturally rich and rounded learning experience.

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