At Strand Infants, we understand the vital role that the children of today will have in shaping our world in the future. We teach children that geographers are explorers and aim to inspire a real sense of curiosity in finding out about the world and the people who live there.

Children develop early geographical skills and experience fieldwork from the start. They learn how to read maps and create their own in progressively more sophisticated ways. Skills such as understanding directional language and simple compass work, interpreting aerial photographs and the development of observational skills during fieldwork are carefully planned by the school to ensure progress and more complex levels of learning each time they are encountered. 

The geography curriculum also includes the ability to locate continents and oceans, the equator, the poles and the parts of the UK. Children look at their own locality and look for similarities and comparisons with other areas of the world.

They are taught to use human and physical geographical language, often using story as a starting point. Children are taught to identify weather patterns in the UK and also to recognise extreme weather in other parts of the world.

The whole school celebrates Geography and Cultural Week in the Summer which allows classes to study a different country in the world and compare it to England; this week then culminates in our wonderful annual Dance Event attended by parents.

With a sound understanding of their locality, the UK and the wider world, together with the environmental challenges that we face today, we hope that our children will go on to be stewards of the world, the solutions are in their hands!


View our curriculum overview for geography here;

KS1 Geography Curriculum Overview

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