Music is a unique form of communication that enables personal expression, reflection, and emotional development. It is also a universal language that can be understood and appreciated by all ages and all cultures.

At Strand, all pupils experience a wide variety of musical styles and they grow in confidence as they gain fulfilment through their enjoyment of the subject.

The main objective is to foster an enjoyment and love of aspects of music. This is achieved through enabling each pupil to participate in a variety of musical experiences and encouraging pupils to express ideas, thoughts and feelings through composing and performing music.

We enable personal expression and reflection when appraising music and all pupils develop an awareness and understanding of different musical styles, traditions, and cultures through history and throughout the world

Music lessons cover the areas of performing, composing, listening, and appraising and are often delivered using a cross-curricular approach through topics linked with history, geography, and science. The use of ICT in lessons also enhances the delivery of the music curriculum.

We provide extra instrumental tuition in all orchestral instruments (plus guitar and piano) through Pelican Music - which specialises in providing high-quality musicians and teachers to young musicians.

Our children enjoy regular live musical performances. They all participate in a weekly singing assembly. We also have a choir in the school and these children perform on several occasions throughout the year including Christmas and summer fairs.  Staff are passionate about singing too so perform to the children every half term.

View our curriculum overview for music here;

KS1 Music Currculum Overview