Pear Sculpture in the Meadow

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Children at Strand on the Green Schools were given the most exciting opportunity to watch an artist at work who created a beautiful installation for their gardens. 

Creator, Tom Trouton from Somerset, constructed a beautiful pear from stone as children from both schools watched and asked questions.  Dry stone walling is an ancient craft dating back thousands of years.  No mortar is used: just perfectly sized pieces of stone, friction and gravity hold the construction in place – these are building methods which are iron-age old.

The pear was commissioned by a generous family from Strand on the Green schools. It now sits proudly and beautifully in the meadow area on a fabulous stone plinth, its oak stalk standing proud: gradually it will weather and settle.  The country’s most famous dry stone construction – Stonehenge – has been around for centuries: this bodes well for the pear which will undoubtedly be there for all the children to admire for many years - centuries even - to come.